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About CYFO

Coventry Youth Football is a grade based youth football and cheer organization.  We have programs for K-6th grade.  Flag football for K and first grade and tackle football for 2nd through 6th grade.  Cheer is from K-6th grade.

We believe in providing our youth the best possible environment to learn the fundamentals of football and cheerleading.  We mandate that all of our football players have the opportunity to play at least 10 plays per game to ensure the best possible opportunity for success, learning and most important fun. We Emphasize teamwork, learning and having fun playing the sport you love. We will teach your child the same offensive and defensive schemes that the OJR MS and HS use with the exact same terminology. This will help your child be prepared when they enter the program at 7th grade.

We are part of the ICFL (Inter County Football League) and play teams in the local area primarily as part of the PAC-10.  We play the same organizations the High School team plays.  We play and practice on the best facilities of any youth organization in the area, with all of our home games on the Hank Bernat Field at Wildcat Stadium and practice at the OJR High School North Field.

All of our coaches are "Heads Up" certified, which means all coaches are trained to teach proper football techniques without using the head and taking the head out of football.


All of our players get to play with their grade based friends every year, the same as other sports.  

Here is USA Football's take on the debate between Age based and Weight based football. Click Here  


The Grade-Based format represents a more natural progression and development for today’s youth football players. The Grade-Based program will better align our teams with national trends and create a true feeder program for Pennsylvania Middle and High Schools. It is our belief that this format will strengthen our state program.

What is Grade Based?

Grade based is a grade appropriate division, protected by age without weight restrictions. The participants will be together with the same children they play baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.

The same children they attend class with and play together at home in their back yards with. They will be with their peers at all times, in fact they’re with their peers from the 1st grade right up to 6th grade and onto middle school. Best thing is kids will be playing with their friends and classmates in their schools!

Why Grade Based?

The program is socially correct. You have parity at every level, each child moves with their respective team. With a grade based program you don’t have a child playing at one level this year and then have to jump up 2 levels the following year because of a growth spurt.

Every child can play at the appropriate grade level. As the children progress through the program and move onto middle school and high school they know they can play with kids of all sizes.

Your 2023 Board of Directors:

President:  P.J. Gallo ( [email protected])
Vice President:  Jeff Cook ( [email protected])
Treasurer: Bill Hicks ( [email protected])
Secretary: Charles Riddle ( [email protected])
League  Rep: Bill Hicks
Athletic Director: Matt Sortino ([email protected])
Cheer Director: Jessica Lupo/Linette Leister ([email protected])
Flag Coordinator: Adam Swavely ([email protected])
Registration/Website Manager: Charles Riddle/Emily Miller ([email protected])
Sponsorship/Fundraising Director: Brandy Moskal ([email protected])
Volunteer Coordinator:  Gina Charisha/Emily Miller ([email protected])
Concessions Coordinator: Sarah Letke ([email protected])
Special Events: Katie Cook ( [email protected])
Equipment:  Joe Palaia and Mark Creasy ( [email protected])
Schedule/Fields: PJ Gallo

General Mailbox:   [email protected]